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Connect to Peace

Meditation is a practice of deep connection and transformation that takes us from external activity to inner peace and connection. It is intentionally taking our focus inward to let go of our thoughts and attachments and reconnect with source energy and stillness. It allows you to recharge, re-align your energy, receive universal guidance and actively create new neural pathways in your brain that foster more positive ways of being. 

As for many of Evolve's meditation clients, initially the idea of meditation and quieting the mind can seem a little challenging, but fear not. Learning to meditate is a process of evolution (it's why we called ourselves Evolve) and that’s exactly where guidance and coaching comes in. We tailor the approach to where you are at, and create a practice that you can truly enjoy and receive, not something that becomes another 'to-do' and, the payoff is truly life-changing.

If you want to start consciously creating your life and operating at an energetic vibration that calls in your desires. If you want to experience more peace despite perhaps challenging relationships, situations or stressful work-life dynamics around you. If you are desiring a deeper connection with your truth, your soul calling and your intuition. If you want to feel good. Meditation is your tool.



  • Anxiety and Stress reduction

  • Healing of Mental and Physical Health

  • Self-sabotaging beliefs and behaviours 

  • Spiritual & Self Connection 

  • Self-worth 

  • Focus and clarity

  • Manifestation 

  • Relationship Harmony 

  • Energy Levels 

  • Sleep quality

  • Anti-ageing


  • Feel-Good Energy

  • Peace of Mind 

  • Self-healing 

  • Strengthened Immune System 

  • Self-love 

  • Strengthened Mindset 

  • Peak Performance 

  • Increased Ability to be Present 

  • Increased Radiance

  • Super Attractor Abilities 

  • Spiritual Awakening 

  • Raised Planet Vibration 



1 to 1 Meditation Coaching

Private Meditation coaching is a great way to develop your practice with the experienced support and guidence of Emma, Evolve's founder and meditation coach of 25 years. Each session is 60 minutes via Zoom, including a 15 minute consultation and 45 minutes of guided meditation. During the sessions you will be guided through visualisations, mantras, body scanning techniques and meditative breaths that build your practice and focus in on different areas of your life you wish to transform. 




Group Meditation Classes


Group meditation is a great introduction to meditation and a good way to keep motivated in your individual practice and deepen this by sharing the experience with others. I hold a meditation evening every Monday at 20:00pm London Time via Zoom and in person at my Notting Hill Studio when conditions allow.


"Before I worked with Emma I had little understanding of meditation and was incredibly stressed by work. The time I have spent learning from Emma has revolutionised my life and given me the ability to manage stress, anxiety and make space to live a calmer, happier, more peaceful life " 

—  Ibby Lizbuffs

Meditation rewires the brain 


In as little as 20 minutes meditation begins to literally reshape and rewire the brain, It decreases activity in the default mode network (DMN) aka ‘monkey mind’ that is associated with being less happy, ruminating, and worrying about the past and future. It strengthens areas of the brain that govern learning, memory, emotional-regulation and positive moods and reduces those areas associated with stress and anxiety. Activities such as visualisation during meditation also create new neural pathways that rewire limiting beliefs and instil new and desired beliefs that facilitate the creation and attraction of the vision we hold for our lives.


Meditation aligns our energy and raises our energetic vibration 


Everything is a form of energy. What you think, say, and do emits an energetic vibration into the world that ultimately creates your reality. Focusing your thoughts, words, and actions on creating more positive energy will cause your life will improve in ways you may now believe impossible. Meditation allows us to tap into our essence & connect to source energy to balance any energy blocks we have and raise our vibration, This gives us each the power to become a positive energy beacon, radiating beautiful light everywhere you go and in everything you do - this higher vibration state makes the world a better place lifting up all those around us and allows us to become magnetic to our desires.


Meditation reconnects us with ourselves and the universe  


Through regular practice of meditation, you reconnect with your own essence, You are not your thoughts; you are the one who is thinking the thoughts so accessing the spaces between your thoughts is how to access who you really are, your soul, your essence. When you dip into this silence, you access the infinite possibilities and true inner wisdom available to you, you truly connect to the self in its purest and most powerful form and understand your interconnectedness with everyone and everything else. This creates a dramatic feeling of harmony, self love, safety, knowing that everything you need is inside yourself.

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