Evolving with love


I am the founder of Evolve and a certified Yoga Breath Coach, Meditation Coach, accredited Natural Spiritual Holistic Healer Dip NSp.H and Life Coach EDEXCEL. I’ve been practicing for over 25 years, working with 100s of individuals and businesses including WeWork, Motion Pictures, Marshall Wace, House of Creative and Bodyism.

Evolve is my central London-based Meditation, Breathwork and Energy Healing practice. I also work remotely via Zoom with teams and clients based everywhere from California to the Cayman Islands. Evolve has been featured in publications including the Notting Hill Post, Kensington & Chelsea Review and West London Living.

My practice is called Evolve because loving yourself, knowing your worth and finding your place in the world is a process and I believe that everyone who open to it has the potential to experience a peaceful, happy and fulfilled life.

I also love the word Evolve because its an anagram of the word love, It reflects the heart-centred approach I take to my work and really what personal and spiritual evolution is all about. 


My journey into the work I do now started back in my childhood, I was introduced to meditation aged 12 during a tough family time by my wonderful Godmother. As I grew into my 20s and moved to London to study Textile Design at Central Saint Martins I continued to dive deeper into all aspects of holistic health and never looked back.


These practices have been my absolute lifeline through relationship breakdowns, being a single mum, a career in Interior Design, health concerns and family traumas to continually evolve myself to live in a beautiful state and create the life I love today.


It has been, and continues to be, my absolute pleasure and privilege to share these practices with everyone that comes to me for help. It is a humbling and enriching experience to share their path and I am deeply grateful to be given the opportunity to do so. 

Let's meet sometime soon. If not in-person then over on Instagram (@evolvehasloveinit)

Sending you much love & gratitude,

Emma x




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