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“Prevention is better than a cure" 

I offer a complete holistic approach to health. Evolve Energy Medicine is an array of techniques drawn from my 30 years of being a holistic practitioner. They can include Kinesiology, Reiki, Breathwork, Meditation, Somatics, Body Talk, Intuition and Life Coaching. 

My goal is to empower you to get your body's innate healing mechanism back on track.

By our understanding how to support your energy you will enhance your physical, mental and emotional health. You will be able fully to embrace your best life and your spiritual evolution.

I am passionate and inspired to lead you into a sustainable template of health and vitality. Vitality that’s a balance both internally and externally. Vitality that’s a dance between being and doing.

Just as we can’t deplete the world’s natural resources so we must be conscious of our true natures. We also need to address that balance within our own hearts, minds and bodies to embrace a new paradigm that is sustainable, respectful and achievable.

 “Your body’s ability to heal is greater than anyone has permitted you to believe”

Evolve has many progressive tools to offer including Chakras, Acupressure, Lymphatics, Meridians, Aura (Holes, Tears & Toxins) Grounding, Magnets and Radiant Circuits.

These tools will activate your healing energy. They will clear your stress and make you more conscious and aware. They regulate the nervous system and rebalance you mind, your body and your soul. Only by our nervous system being balanced do we take back our power and make cognitive creative choices.

It's about creating a great relationship with yourself. It’s about asking yourself "What kind of energy do I need and do I desire"? Then it’s about giving yourself just that.

What is kinesiology? Kinesiology means “the study of movement: either the health or the blocked or stagnant flow of energy within an individual meridian”. What this means is that each meridian governs its own energy pathway that’s allocated to a particular organ in the body. 

Just as the blood moves in streams so the meridians move more like rivers. In fact we’ve 14 meridian pathways.

Using kinesiology I’m looking to discover whether your energy is low or high, under or over.  Then I can make the relevant adjustments tailored for your body. I track how the energies’ streams flow through your meridians into your body until something shifts and the flow is back on track again and in a healthy flow.

I will typically give you as a client a number of movements to do. They help you adjust yourself back into alignment. They are simple to implement and you will realise the benefits.
It is remapping. It is rerouting. It is repatterning. It will create new energy pathways and bring balance. It's fascinating and so inspiring to watch just how intelligent our bodies truly are when we tune in and listen; when we respect and move according to our innate flow of healing energy.

“The best medicine is to teach people how not to need it”

My sessions include: Tapping, Energy Movement, Slow Flow Re-Patterning, Acupressure Holds, Breath, Visualisation and Meridian Tracing.

“Take your health back into your own hands”

My goal is to empower you to get your bodies innate healing mechanism back on track. By understanding how to support your energy you can support your physical, emotional and mental health so that you have full vitality. A balance both internally and externally. A dance between being and doing.

The good news is that Evolve has many progressive tools to offer that comprise EDER (Evolve Daily Energy Routine).

The routine involves harnessing your energies that govern how your body functions. They have an amazing intelligence and can be mobilised to keep your body, mind and being in top health and radiance.

EDER techniques can restore energy that’s become weak, stressed or out of balance.

Are you stressed?

Do you have enough time to take care of your well-being?

Are you fatigued?

Do you suffer from sleep issues?

Do you feel ungrounded?

Do you have an overactive mind that can't switch off?

Are you feeling anxious?

Are your hormones playing up?

Are you feeling disconnected?

Do you feel hypersensitivity?

Do you feel withdrawn, low or down?

Benefits: It’s easy. It’s quick. It’s health enhancing. Over time it makes you grounded, it alleviates stress and lifts your spirits and energy. It boosts your immune system and sharpens your memory. It makes us healthier and happier. It helps your concentration and focus at work. Your vitality, over time, will be increased and you will feel empowered. Your nervous system will benefit, your sleep improved as will your hormone imbalances. Your body will benefit against e smog, your blood pressure will improve and how good it is to take a break from your computer! 


In short let your energy systems do their job and keep you healthy and thriving. These sequences are easy to do at home and will serve you every day. Learns the movements. Learn the points to touch. They will affect your vital energy systems. When all your energies are brought into harmony your body flourishes.

EDER is a set of exercises designed to develop a stronger, energetic core. Most of us feel the difference immediately in their energy levels or, after doing the simple set of exercises, get a sense of well-being. Each exercise works independently to address, specific energy imbalances within the body.

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