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S o u n d  B a t h 


“Simply divine, I’m a mum back at work. This was so replenishing, a well spent hour, it just felt like a total reset to cope with my hectic work-life balance.” Joanna B.


A sound bath is therapeutic and powerfully transformational. The blending frequencies and tones resonate deeply. They enable the intelligence of the body to return to its natural rhythm and harmony. The sound waves impress upon your energy, stirring a resonance for deep relaxation while the healing pulses move into your vibrating cells.

These sessions bring a very aligning centring peace to come over the heart, mind, body and soul. They purify the auric field, release stress and limit beliefs. We are eased into harmony while the effect reverberates out through our life experience. 


Provide a nourishing team building experience for your staff. Increase their sense of peace and fulfilment in their workplace.


Sound Baths effortlessly create deep meditation. They are a beautiful, non-verbal experience for teams to reconnect and re-harmonise with each other. I can visit your workplace, or be part of a larger event, to provide a corporate wellbeing treat.



·       Eases anxiety and promotes relaxation

·       Opens channels for creativity + inspiration to flow

·       Releases tension from the body

·       Resets the nervous system

·       Reharmonises group dynamics

·       Encourages deep listening and strengthens communication

·       Enhances focus, presence and mindfulness

·       Creates more fulfilment while improving productivity

·       Supports very deep sleep and increased energy in the days following

·       Increases employee satisfaction



My sound baths offer the chance truly to rest, to receive and to connect with the deeper self. The experience is deeply immersive as your body opens to the sound wave vibrations within every cell. 


Nothing is needed. You simply lie down or sit to be soothed by the most tranquil sounds. The beauty of experiencing the bowls creates a sense of wonder, upliftment, and inspiration for the group to share.

I live in West London and can travel to your workplace or perform via Zoom. These events act as a celebration, a team wellbeing treat, or a chance to unite your group and help their interaction to forge a deeper connection especially if they work from home.

I also offer sound baths as part of a longer session (30-90 minutes) which combines meditation, breathwork and Reiki.

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