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Deep Breaths, Less Stress

Our breath, or prana, is literally what keeps us alive, yet most people go through their day with chronically shallow breathing using only 25% of their breathing capacity - holding themselves in a state of anxiety, fight or flight and stacking emotions and low vibrational energies in the body’s tissues.


Actively learning to work with the breath through breathwork coaching and practice unlocks the ability to harness the full and incredible life force of our breath; to master emotional regulation, heal and reconnect with our true selves and to create optimal health.


Are feeling “off”, blocked or stagnant in your life? Do you have emotions or previous painful events in your life that you feel you haven’t fully released? Do you experience low, stressed or anxious energy, often feeling overwhelmed with a mind that hard's to switch off? Do you wish to connect more deeply with yourself, your inner wisdom and creativity? Breathwork is a beautiful and powerful way to support you in your journey. 


  • Stress and Overwhelm Relief

  • Anxiety & Depression

  • Healing Trauma 

  • Deep Emotion Release

  • Creative Blocks

  • Detox the Body

  • Improve Digestion

  • Alkalizes the blood

  • Anti-inflammatory Effect

  • Mood Elevation

  • Mental Clarity

  • Energy Boost


  • Experiencing Breakthroughs

  • Optimal Wellness 

  • Emotional Mastery 

  • Peace of Mind

  • Feeling of Lightness & Joy

  • Greater Confidence and Performance 

  • Better Relationships 

  • Raised Energetic Vibration 

  • Increased Soul Connection 

  • Anti-Ageing 

  • Strengthened Immune System 


A typical 1 to 1 breathwork coaching programme includes:

  • A programme of four 30 minute coaching sessions with Emma 

  • Learning during the sessions a 6 Part Breathing System, that is broken into 3 categories (Calming, Energising, Balancing) that you can take away and use when you are in need of a pick-me-up, reduced stress, or energy boost

  • Tailored breathwork journey bespoke to your needs and areas you wish to focus on

  • As a client you are also asked to complete a daily practice of 15 minutes in between sessions to integrate fully the techniques and their benefits into your daily life 


"I truly recommend Emma as a Breath Coach, it is such a healing experience. My sessions with Emma were amazing. She helped me with all the stress and my low energy flow that I was carrying around. A wonderful human with a good heart"

—  Sebastian Liljeblad, Entrepreneur

Breathwork completely redefines your relationship with stress 

In practicing breathwork you start to learn and understand your nervous system and how to regulate it using key techniques;. Slow breathing activates the parasympathetic nervous system, (rest and digest) bringing us into a relaxed state. It functions in the opposite way to the sympathetic nervous system, which stimulates activities associated with the fight or flight response. Both have benefits, often we are in the wrong system at the wrong time of day or for a particular function. Gaining knowledge about how to optimise the function of each branch of the nervous system through breathing, will give you a very empowering tool for life and allow you to become truly unshakeable!


Breathwork releases stored emotional and energetic block 

One of the beautiful things about breathwork is its ability to help you access and release trapped emotions, low energy vibrations and past trauma that is, when not processed or fully released becomes stored in the tissues of our bodies, which left unchecked can lead to mental and physical health issues. Breathwork is a gentle and safe way to release these - for many its a type of release they have never experienced before and often brings forth and heals emotions or situations we didn’t realise we were still carrying in the body. In releasing our blocks we increase our energetic vibration, our connection to our souls truth and increased magnetism to call the things we desire into our lives.


Breathwork detoxifies and releases tension from the body 

Around 70% of our toxins are released from our body through our breath. Carbon dioxide is a natural exhaled product of your body’s metabolism. Breathing in a variety of rhythms and depths assist the systems in the body to process this more efficiently. Breathwork also elevates the digestive, cardiovascular and lymphatic system, encouraging optimal gut health,  circulation to the heart, liver, brain and reproductive organs and protecting the body from bacteria, viruses and other threats to our health. Because of its ability to relax the body and relieve tension it is also a way to relax your muscles and alleviate chronic pain cause by contracted muscles and help stress or tension in the body.

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