About Me

My name is Emma Ball I am a certified Yoga Breath Coach an accredited Natural Spiritual Holistic Healer Dip NSp.H and Life Coach EDEXCEL with over 25 years' experience. Before I trained to be a healer I practised and coached meditation and continue to do so to this day.

Evolve is my central London-based meditation and healing practice. Here I offer one-on-one meditation, breathwork, healing and coaching as well as group meditation evenings, mindful parenting classes and my signature “goddess days” for celebrating special occasions.

My practice is called Evolve as I believe everyone who wishes has the potential to experience a peaceful, happy and fulfilled life. Over the years I have combined breathwork, coaching, meditation with energy healing and practical tools to help my clients rise in vitality to evolve to new levels of health, wellbeing and empowerment.


Loving yourself, knowing your worth and finding your place in the world is a process. It has been, and continues to be, my absolute pleasure and privilege to work with everyone that comes to me for help. It is a humbling and enriching experience to share their path and I am deeply grateful to be given the opportunity to do so.

Why Evolve

"May divine love go before you and prepare the way for your highest good"

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