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Private Group Meditation - 1 hour

Private Group Meditation - 1 hour



  • Why Meditate?

    Do you experience stress? Do you get less sleep than you need? Do you feel you'd like a clearer sense of purpose? These are typical experiences in our modern London lives. Using simple techniques, meditation helps bring us self-awareness and happiness. Other benefits include our feeling relaxed and clear-headed. Also we feel the advantages in our sleep patterns, our relationships and our creativity. 


    Evolve offers a stress-free breather. Come and recharge, reset and rebalance!

  • Meditation - Some FAQs

    What is meditation? 


    Meditation is a chance to recharge, reset and rebalance. It uses breathing and visualisation techniques to bring the mind and body back to alignment and peace to restore our energy.



    What are the benefits of meditation?


    It is a powerful tool that when practiced regularly can greatly improve the quality and enjoyment of life. Some of the benefits that meditation can bring include:


    • Greater mental clarity

    • Enhanced creativity

    • Anxiety and stress relief

    • Improved relationships

    • Increased energy

    • Better sleep quality

    • Anti-ageing



    Do I need to be able to meditate to attend a session?


    My sessions are open to anyone of any ability and aim to help each individual advance their practice over time both through the sessions and optional exercises for your own time.

  • Cancellation Policy

    Please note that you must give 24 hours notice of cancellation otherwise the fee for the session becomes payable. Appointments on a Monday must be cancelled by the corresponding time on the previous Friday. Thank you for your understanding.

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