"I had an energy healing session with Emma, which was a wonderful experience.

She is a light worker, who has an amazing energy, is compassionate

understanding and patient. She has a incredible intuitive and knowing way with

her and the treatment left me feeling relaxed, focused and ready for whatever life

was going to send me next. I would highly recommend Emma to anyone who is

feeling low, tired, lacking in clarity or who just wants to experience something

unique and powerful." Marcos Pavlides

"My sessions with Emma was amazing. She helped me with all the stress and my low energy flow that I carried around.  A wonderful human with a good heart, I truly recommend Emma as a Breath Coach its so healing."  Sebastian Liljeblad

"A healing session with Emma is a truly wonderful experience. I came away feeling listened to and so peaceful. I felt so much better and Emma is such a compassionate healer. I felt much lighter when I left and so nurtured and cared for in mind, body and spirit." - Carolyne Hallett, Homeopath

"Emma has taken so much care to provide a truly beautiful calm space for her evening meditations." -I loved the Breath Coaching Month too..highly recommend, Im a changed person. Kat Phillips

"Emma's meditation evenings ring a beautiful calm to the busy London lives we lead. I always come away restored and looking forward to the next one." Jane Elliot

"I have attended a meditation evening and had a fantastic experience."

"It was Joyous!" -" I highly recommend the Breathing Coaching Maria Briggs

"I have had many healing sessions which were wonderful. I felt very well afterwards. Highly recommend." - Anne Butt

"I highly recommend meditation and healing with Emma.  A genuine and generous person, Emma has a very beautiful soul. Her energy and her soft sweet voice is definitely a real power of healing. She will help you to  reconnect with yourself and to find a bubble of serenity." - Claire Hibbon

"Healing is an absolute essential in my life, I have been a client for over 15 years for healing and attended several of her wonderful meditation evenings. She is an incredibly talented healer and I always feel utterly nurtured and restored after each session. I have found Emma's style of combining her powerful healing abilities with emotional intelligence, practical techniques and a great sense of humour to be unmatchable and always leaves me feeling lighter and brighter after each session. Over the years she has helped me immensely in managing the stress and pressure of my job and minimising the toll this has taken on me, gaining greater focus by learning to be more present each day and also and most importantly in creating more loving relationships with myself and those closest to me. Thank you Emma!" - Sian Woodward

"I had an energy treatment with Emma some time ago. I can honestly say that it changed my life. I have never forgotten it and it came at a time in my life when I was really craving to know more about who I really was. Emma introduced me to the powerful energy that resides within us all. She has such a beautiful nature and warm, caring energy that it was so easy to trust her and accept the treatment, knowing I would be completely safe in her hands.  When I got off the table I cried and cried and cried - they were tears of relief and joy that I finally had a direct experience of understanding myself on a deeper level. I can't underestimate the impact Emma made on me and I can't really explain in words how profound it was! I have often thought about her over the years and if we lived in the same country I would be coming to see her for treatments all the time, She is magic and has been a complete angel to me. If you would like to be guided through a transformative experience in a tender and loving way then you MUST come and see her. I love this woman!" - Rebecca Davison, Intuitive Coach

"There are some experiences that cannot be expressed in words, because they could loose and miss everything when you try to explain them with the session with Emma was one of those! A Million Thanks!!"- Maria Munoz


"Practising meditation with Emma has opened up my mind and heart. There are little moments and rituals that she brings into the practise which I take into my everyday life. I love her encouragement for all things abundant, and taking time for yourself. I have been meditating and carry Emma's words and guidance through them.
Emma had a very beautiful and powerful gift in showing you your inner light and strength."-  Charlotte Jouan 

"I treasure the moment in the monthly meditation with Emma. It is an evening when I can connect with myself through her beautiful words, pronounced with the kindest of voices. Her space is one that conveys peacefulness, profundity and joy. The experience of sharing this with other likeminded people makes it even more special. I am grateful and would definitely recommend to join her group to share the beauty we are blessed with inside and out." -  Assunta

" I found the whole experience very restorative from the initial conversation to the healing table where I was able to let go and tune into various emotions. The experience was rather like a mini journey, I was relaxed after and felt a sense of release. The environment is calming and Emma has such a natural peaceful grace its impossible not to give in to the process and take something positive from her generous spirit"- Clemmie Myers

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