Some FAQs
What is meditation? 

Meditation is a chance to recharge, reset and rebalance. It uses breathing and visualisation techniques to bring the mind, body heart and soul back to alignment and peace to restore our energy.


What are the benefits of meditation?


It is a powerful tool that when practiced regularly can help us rise in vitality,  greatly improve the quality and enjoyment of life. Some of the benefits that meditation can bring include:


  • Greater mental clarity

  • Enhanced creativity

  • Anxiety and stress relief

  • Improved relationships

  • Increased energy

  • Better sleep quality

  • Anti-ageing

Do I need to be able to meditate to attend a session?

My sessions are open to anyone of any ability and aim to help each individual advance their practice over time both through the sessions and optional exercises for your own time.

What to bring to a meditation session? 


The most important thing is to bring yourself and an open mind to receive what you need. Aside from that comfortable clothes are a good idea and a jumper or scarf for winter or if you get chilly easily.

I have been coaching meditation for over 25 years both at my own practice and in partnership with professional and wellness organisations. I offer 1:1 meditation coaching, group meditation evenings and workplace meditation sessions.  I take a practical approach to meditation and believe that it can help everyone and anyone live a brighter, healthier and more fulfilling life.

Group Meditation Evenings 

Group meditation is a great introduction to meditation, and a good way to keep motivated in your individual practice and deepen this by sharing the experience with others. I hold a meditation evening at my practice on the first Monday of the month and I am also adding additional sessions at the moment to accommodate high interest.

Please see below for upcoming sessions:

  • Monday August 3rd, 10th, 17th 24th and 31st  via Zoom 20:00
  • Monday Sep 7th, 14th, 21st and 28th 2020       via Zoom 20:00      

  • Monday Oct 5th, 12th 19th and 26th 2020        via Zoom 20:00 

For more information or to book please contact:

Mobile:  07832 519 762 

1:1 Meditation Coaching 


I offer 1:1 meditation / coaching in person, also via Zoom or Skype for those who wish to further their practice individually. This includes personal consultation on what you want to achieve with your individual practice and ongoing regular guidance to deepen and strengthen your practice over time to realise your goals.

To book or for more information please contact:

Mobile:  07832 519 762 

Workplace Meditation 

Many leading companies are getting real results from wellbeing programs being made available to their employees. Meditation is proven to have numerous benefits specific to the work place from reducing stress and burnout to helping employees have renewed energy to think more clearly and creatively, communicate with colleagues and clients more effectively and perform more easily.

I offer programmes of group or 1:1 meditation sessions to corporate clients and tailor these sessions to each organisation's needs.

I currently work at Bodyism, WeWork, Marshall Wace Hedge Fund in Sloane Street, Designers Guild, Hill Dickinson, Myo, Tailify and Ushvani Spa

To book or for more information please contact:

Mobile:  07832 519 762 

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