What is healing?


Healing is a gentle yet deeply replenishing form of energy work which restores balance. It works to remove energy blocks that can cause ill health and keep our energy in the best possible condition so that we can thrive.

How does it work?


Quantum physics has acknowledged that we are all made up of energy, as is everything around us. It’s the most basic building block of life. When we are fully well energy flows freely, maintaining balance in the emotions, mind, body and spirit. This healthy flow of energy is disrupted to varying degrees when we are out of balance as we are not able to access it fully. Therefore, we can become very low in energy or develop an illness or condition. Healing works to restore our systems, whether the cause is physical, mental or emotional, and helps heal the underlying cause of the problem. ​

What to expect from your healing appointment?


Your appointment will begin with a consultation. You may be taught appropriate breathing, relaxation and 'energy care' exercises to help you look after your health, manage your stress and improve the quality of your life. This will be followed by the healing itself, where you lie on the healing couch and receive the treatment by some gentle touch and non-touch methods.

Who can benefit from healing? 


All of us, from children to the elderly, with any condition or state of health. Healing can be before or after surgery, after an accident for shock or in recovery from illness. It will work alongside whatever medications a client may be taking. It can also be used preventively and to maintain better health. It helps those of us who are keen to work on our self-development or spiritual progress. It can also help anyone facing major concerns such as pregnancy, grief and loss, or hormonal and age-related changes. ​



Booking and Pricing


For more information or to book please contact:


Email: emma@evolvehealingandmeditation.com 


Mobile:  07832 519 762 

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